Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Holiday Homework

Hey guys, so it's the June Holidays now, hope you are all much more relaxed now, but don't forget to revise too.

- Individual Thinking Reflection Assignment (In Google Classroom)

- Maths AA Part 2 (Due Term 3)
-Weekly Math Practice (Posted in Google+)
EDIT@12/6/2016: ACE-Learning Assignment on Scales & Maps

-Environment Science PT (Due ?)

- AA 2 Draft Script (Due Wednesday, 1 July 2016 )
EDIT@21/6/2016: Read the Chinese Book you loaned before June and write a Reflection about it
(Sorry I read the comments so late)

- Commercial Filming

I think that is about it. I may be missing some pieces of homework/project, so please help me out by commenting below what I missed out.
Thanks, and enjoy your June Holidays! ^-^

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