Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Homework 20 April

Here's the homework for today

-Grade your own Essay according to the rubrics
-PBL Proposal at least have 3 Products and know who are going to be your "Advisors"
-Comprehension OE Practice (Complete AT LEAST Section A by next Monday), or you can allocated 1.5 hours for doing the whole paper

-Practice Paper Sets B, C, D by next week (Im not sure what the other Practice Papers are)
-Watch Videos posted in Google+
-Worksheet 6.1 Tier A (first page)

-Group AA Slides (calculation of 'I' and 'V' values of circuit, labelling of circuit,etc.) [due by Friday]

-GeoChallenge worksheets
-Flipped Learning Slides

-Business Plan "Places" Section

-Videos and Posters due 22 April

I think that's all. Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

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