Thursday, March 24, 2016

SL visit to the Lions Befrienders

Overview of activities:

Student(s) in charge/Remarks
3.00 - 3.10 pm
Chairpeople of both classes and Emcees from S2-01
3.10 - 3.30 pm
Sing-a-long session
S2-02 and S2-01
3.30 - 4.40 pm
Tea and activity:
Interview, activity (games), break at end
Group 1 (S2-01)

Group 2 (S2-01)

Group 3 (S2-01)

Group 4 (S2-01)

Group 5 (S2-01)

4.40 - 4.45 pm

4.45 - 5.00 pm
Groups to consolidate for EL PT

We need help on coming up with snacks to bring there for the elderly to eat. If you have any ideas, let either me or Grace (treasurer) know and see if it fits the budget. 

The sing-a-long session will consist of Choon Wee's solo performance and some singing along to songs. If anyone has any suggestions on songs to play, please do tell us so that we can verify and add them to a playlist.

During the activity period, our class has to do some activities with the elderly. Suggest some games/activites we can do. 

Keep in mind that interviews within your EL PT group will have to be conducted during that amount of time.

Comment the ideas and suggestions below for the class to see.



  1. Songs we have 4 arranged (Me and Marcus agreed):
    PS: Please try to learn the rhythm and some "common, repeated lyrics/chorus"

    1. 一人一半 (Hokkien/Chinese)
    2. 一百万 (Hokkien)
    3. Rasa Sayang (Malay)
    4. Chan Mali Chan (Malay)
    5. ? (NDP SONGS?etc?)

    1. Try finding more songs that people would recognise


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