Monday, March 28, 2016

[IMPORTANT] Arrangements for Tuesday, 29 March 2016: LionBefriender's SL Day

Dear S2-01,

Yay Justin is back to creating more problems on the blog again!

On a serious note, here are the details for your SL Day tomorrow.

I would recommend you take a screenshot or keep this tab open on your mac or browser on your phone etc.

Time Run

All have been given "comment" rights on the following documents. They would dictate the timeline for the trip. Kindly adhere strictly to it to ensure we don't run overtime. The links are available below at the bottom.


Games and Activities
Kindly bring anything you have at home that is suitable for the elderly to plan with. Do note that they might have poor eyesight/poor hearing/poor hand-eye co-ordination. There would be a mass BINGO game for all to start off.

Food & Drinks
Food would be Wang Wang biscuits for the elderly.
Drinks would be chrysanthemum tea and lemon barley tea

All are Halal-Certified

The list of songs are as of below:
  1. 一人一半 (Hokkien) MV:
  2. 一百万 (Hokkien) MV:
  3. Rasa Sayang MV:
  4. Chan Mali Chan MV:
Should you know how to sing the songs above, kindly join in!
If you don't know the Hokkien songs, try the Malay ones!
YAY! (urm maybe i should stop)
Please try your best to learn the beat or rhythm of the songs to join in, even if you don't know the lyrics. (try harder than i did for math paper,

On behalf of S2-01 SL Reps (so nice right?)

Thank You
Justin Ng

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