Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Homework 29 March

Hey guys, good work today for the Service Learning! I thought it was a fun and meaningful experience overall,  hope you guys felt the same.
Anyways, here's your homework, because homework waits for no man.

-Well now that you have your interviews you can start on the project and video editing
(For those groups that were unable to get an interview, quickly go interview your grandparents or something)

-Assignment 5.1, Q3-6 (due tomorrow) and Q7-8(due Thursday)
-Assignment 5.2 Q1-4 (due Thursday)

-Refraction Notes Q5

-Do the Write-Up thing about your company's branding

I think that's it. Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

P.S. If anyone could clarify with Ms Choo what we're actually supposed to write about the branding, that'd be great


  1. I&E:
    Core Product: General Use
    Tangible Product: Physical features like colour and texture etc. especially unique features.
    Augmented Product: Value-Adding services
    Future Product: Relevance of product in the long term

    1. Ye we know all of that. She said it in class. Do the write up in the business plan? Am I right or am I write?


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