Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Homework 1 March

Hey guys here's the homework (and yes, today is 1 March, yesterday was 29 February due to the Leap Year)

-Find one online ad that targets one of the categories: gender, age, class, race.

-Things to take note of:

(1) Please return your apparatus to the lab staff to CLEAR your LOANS.
(2) Submit your receipts (with your names) to your teacher. 
(3) Submit the PROTOTYPE to the Lab Staff if you are doing an ENGINEERING PROJECT.

You must do the following by Friday
(a) Complete your Individual Contribution / Insight & Reflection 
(b) Submit your posters into the Google Classroom assignment module
(c) Update your Blog after your teachers have given you feedback 

Don't forget to submit your LogBook to Mr Teng by the end of this week(correct me if I'm wrong)

-Try to do the I&E Presentation Slides (Me and Justin might try to write in to Ms Choo to ask for an extension due to the upcoming Level Tests, so hang in there)

That's all I think, comment down below if I missed anything. Thanks.

We're halfway through Level Tests guys, the last 2 papers might be more challenging, but keep working hard guys :) 

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