Thursday, March 31, 2016

Homework 31 Mar

Here's the homework (Practically nothing)

-Jigsaw Activity Reflections (Google Classroom)

-For those of you who haven't already done so, download the PHET Simulations and complete Refraction Activities 1 & 4

-Write-up about your Company's Branding
It should include the following (or follow roughly the same):
> The Core Product: General Purpose of Product
> The Tangible Product: Physical Features, especially the Unique Features
> The Augmented Product: Value-adding Services
> The Future Product: Relevance of Product in the Long Term

[Thank Justin for the image of the I&E Slide guys, or we'd pretty much all be doomed for this write-up]

Anyways I think that's it, practically nothing much (for Chinese Homework refer to Shao Cong's post). Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

CL Homework 31 March

- Chinese AA (due next Monday, 4 April)
第八课 词语练习 改正
- 听写 (next Wednesday)

- 听写 Reminder (only words related to 发表意见) (thanks Choon Wee)
- 第八课 词语练习 答案

-Chinese Rep

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Homework 30 Mar

Here's the homework

-Assignment 5.1 Q8 (Q7 don't do yet as there might be a typo)
-Assignment 5.2 Q1-4
-Google+ Question

-Activity 4 of Refraction Activity Worksheet

-Do the write-up on your Company's Branding

I think that's all. Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

CL Homework 30 March

- 第七课 词语练习 改正
- 第八课 词语练习 (30 questions...)
- Chinese AA (by Friday)
- 母语双周找书乐

- Chinese AA is due next Monday

-Chinese Rep

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lion Befriender's Clementi Photos: 29 March 2016

Hi guys,

I am here to spoil your day again, yay!?!

Here are some photos from today's Lion Befriender's Programme.

Feel free to use them should you need them for your EL PT.

Photos are shot in JPEG with BEST Quality

Platform Used:

CAMERA: Canon 550D
LENS: SIGMA DC 18-200mm f 3.5-6.3 IS Lens
EXPOSURE SETTINGS: ALL Shot at 1/125, f 3.5-6.3, ISO Auto in M Mode

Photo Credits:

Vikhe Aryan Pramod
Justin Ng


Thank You

Ng Wen Bin, Justin

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You are free and allowed to Share (copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format) and Adapt (remix, transform, and build upon the material) for any purpose, even commercially.

Homework 29 March

Hey guys, good work today for the Service Learning! I thought it was a fun and meaningful experience overall,  hope you guys felt the same.
Anyways, here's your homework, because homework waits for no man.

-Well now that you have your interviews you can start on the project and video editing
(For those groups that were unable to get an interview, quickly go interview your grandparents or something)

-Assignment 5.1, Q3-6 (due tomorrow) and Q7-8(due Thursday)
-Assignment 5.2 Q1-4 (due Thursday)

-Refraction Notes Q5

-Do the Write-Up thing about your company's branding

I think that's it. Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

P.S. If anyone could clarify with Ms Choo what we're actually supposed to write about the branding, that'd be great

Monday, March 28, 2016

[IMPORTANT] Arrangements for Tuesday, 29 March 2016: LionBefriender's SL Day

Dear S2-01,

Yay Justin is back to creating more problems on the blog again!

On a serious note, here are the details for your SL Day tomorrow.

I would recommend you take a screenshot or keep this tab open on your mac or browser on your phone etc.

Time Run

All have been given "comment" rights on the following documents. They would dictate the timeline for the trip. Kindly adhere strictly to it to ensure we don't run overtime. The links are available below at the bottom.


Games and Activities
Kindly bring anything you have at home that is suitable for the elderly to plan with. Do note that they might have poor eyesight/poor hearing/poor hand-eye co-ordination. There would be a mass BINGO game for all to start off.

Food & Drinks
Food would be Wang Wang biscuits for the elderly.
Drinks would be chrysanthemum tea and lemon barley tea

All are Halal-Certified

The list of songs are as of below:
  1. 一人一半 (Hokkien) MV:
  2. 一百万 (Hokkien) MV:
  3. Rasa Sayang MV:
  4. Chan Mali Chan MV:
Should you know how to sing the songs above, kindly join in!
If you don't know the Hokkien songs, try the Malay ones!
YAY! (urm maybe i should stop)
Please try your best to learn the beat or rhythm of the songs to join in, even if you don't know the lyrics. (try harder than i did for math paper,

On behalf of S2-01 SL Reps (so nice right?)

Thank You
Justin Ng

Homework 28 March

Here's the homework

- Review questions for SL trip tomorrow

- Question posted on Google Plus

- Look at branding, how they market their items through advertisements etc. towards what the customer associates with them and not just about their tagline. For example, Coca Cola advertisements are about home and family and memories shared around Coca Cola.

That's all, if I missed out on anything please comment below. Thanks :D

Friday, March 25, 2016

Class Funds

Hey Class,
Please bring extra $1 this coming Monday, 28/3/2016, for the class funds. We will be using it to cover expenses for the food items to bring for the SL trip. I (Grace) will be collecting it during break.

Thank you,

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Homework 24 March

Here's the homework

-English Domain-Related Article Parking (Google Classroom)

-The 200 over questions in Google Classroom (sigh)

-Activity 1 for those who haven't done it (not sure if need to do Activity 4)
-Worksheet 1 on Refraction

-Do the iBook (double sigh)
-Practice Exercise 1 (Transport) Pg 1 & 2
-Level Test Reflections (Google Classroom)
-Level Test Corrections (refer to GoogleSite for Answer Key)

Okay so this is actually my first time posting an admin section but anyways
-Sign the NTU Flagship Programme form AND fill up the Registration Form Mr Teng sent
-For those going for the Esplanade Tour 11 August, please get the consent form signed
(Cost of the tour is $8)

I think that's it. Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

Also, have a Good Friday xdd

CL Homework 24 March

- 作文改正
-  跨岛线该走远路吗? (Google Slides)

-Chinese Rep

SL visit to the Lions Befrienders

Overview of activities:

Student(s) in charge/Remarks
3.00 - 3.10 pm
Chairpeople of both classes and Emcees from S2-01
3.10 - 3.30 pm
Sing-a-long session
S2-02 and S2-01
3.30 - 4.40 pm
Tea and activity:
Interview, activity (games), break at end
Group 1 (S2-01)

Group 2 (S2-01)

Group 3 (S2-01)

Group 4 (S2-01)

Group 5 (S2-01)

4.40 - 4.45 pm

4.45 - 5.00 pm
Groups to consolidate for EL PT

We need help on coming up with snacks to bring there for the elderly to eat. If you have any ideas, let either me or Grace (treasurer) know and see if it fits the budget. 

The sing-a-long session will consist of Choon Wee's solo performance and some singing along to songs. If anyone has any suggestions on songs to play, please do tell us so that we can verify and add them to a playlist.

During the activity period, our class has to do some activities with the elderly. Suggest some games/activites we can do. 

Keep in mind that interviews within your EL PT group will have to be conducted during that amount of time.

Comment the ideas and suggestions below for the class to see.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Homework 23 Mar

Here's the homework

-Exposition Diagnostic (Google Classroom)

-Google Classroom questions (Probably weekend homework)

-Composition Corrections


I think that's all. Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Homework 22 March

Here's the homework

-English Filing (due TOMORROW)

-Filing and corrections

-活动本 Pg 15-18


I think that's it. Comment if I missed out anything.

Friday, March 11, 2016

March Holiday Homework

Hey guys so we've finally reached the end of Term 1(yay?)

I've decided to put the Chinese HW here as well just to have the convenience of all the Holiday Homework in one post, so yeah.

Without further ado, here is your homework for the holidays...*drumroll*


-实用文(二)共用行人道 (The compo on bicycles and pedestrian paths)
-Google Classroom Tasks

-Worksheet 1 & 2 (Everything)

-Do the SWOT Analysis on the Google Site


-Finish planning your interview questions and make sure you have a main Interview Topic

-Math AA Slides Part 1 (not sure it it's too late but still do it)

-Chinese AA 1 (Take a picture of a place you went to with your family and use 情景描写; refer to your AA 1 Handout for more details)

-Polish up your Presentation and sort out your Business Proposal if necessary

-Film your ADMT Short Film


Okay so basically you should file your worksheets and do your corrections for EVERY SUBJECT.

But if you require a Content Page or Answer Keys for corrections, you can refer to the Google Site or the Google Classroom for the respective subjects.


So guys, I think it'd be a good time to remind all of you to revise your work over the holidays as we may forget some of it (or all of it). Additionally, for those of us that have failed Maths Level Test (such as myself), we should work harder right? It may just be 10%, but that 10% can make a difference of whether you get a good total, or even being promoted to Sec 3. Something to think about. But don't spend too much time thinking about it, actually go and do some revision guys.

Anyways, I hope I have managed to cover all of it. Please comment below if I missed anything and I will add it to the Post. Thanks, and don't forget to have a great March Holidays :)

[I think we all deserve a little break, don't we?]

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

[IMPORTANT] Filing Reminder

Hey guys so this is a friendly reminder:

Please file your worksheets into your files for all subjects

There will probably be file checks after March Holidays (especially for Maths and Chinese) so please ensure your files are presentable*ahem*.

Also if there are any of you forgetful people out there, I'll probably post another reminder during the March holidays.

Don't say you weren't reminded...

Happy Filing Everybody

Homework 9 March

Here's the homework today.

-Assignment 4.4 Q1 & 3
-Finish your AA Slides up till Part 1

-Finish your Presentation and collect at least 50 responses for your surveys by tomorrow

-SWOT Analysis work in GoogleSite (March Holidays Homework)

That's all for now. Comment below if I missed anything. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Homework 8 March

Here's the homework.

-Do the Section A worksheet that was given out in class today

-Assignment 4.3 Q1b & d, Q2 and Q3.

-Do Worksheet Section B Q1 and 2.

I think that's all. Comment below if I missed out anything. Thanks.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Homework 7 March

Here's the homework for today.

-Assignment 4.2 Q1 to 4

-Do up your Presentations and collect at least 50 responses for your surveys before this Thursday

I think that's all. Comment if I missed anything. Thanks.

CL Homework 7 March

- 报纸里的作业 第八页 《脚踏车安全》星期三
AA 草稿

- 第八课 课文放大镜 (please bring tomorrow)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Class Photographs

Hey Guys,

Friendly reminder to bring the money to pay for the class photographs you ordered MONDAY. 5R is $3 and 8R is $6!! Those who haven't decided or cannot find the form, no worries! Please bring the appropriate amount and tell me what you want to order Monday, I will just key it in. Yay thank you :D

5R is $3 and 8R is $6!!

Your treasurer,
Grace :P

Homework 3 March

Hey guys Level Tests are over (yay?)
Anyways here's your homework cause lessons wait for no student

-Do Examples 3 & 5 in the Simultaneous Equations notes

-Come up with a tagline for your Group's Company
-Finish your Product Presentation and ensure you have 10 responses per person in your group [^IMPORTANT^]

I think that might be all of it, please comment if I missed anything. Thanks.

CL Homework 3 March

- 复习第四及五课词汇

- 活动本 Pages 28 to 30
- 听写 改正
- AA 草稿

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

CL Homework 1 March

- 作文 1&2 改正

-Chinese Rep

Homework 1 March

Hey guys here's the homework (and yes, today is 1 March, yesterday was 29 February due to the Leap Year)

-Find one online ad that targets one of the categories: gender, age, class, race.

-Things to take note of:

(1) Please return your apparatus to the lab staff to CLEAR your LOANS.
(2) Submit your receipts (with your names) to your teacher. 
(3) Submit the PROTOTYPE to the Lab Staff if you are doing an ENGINEERING PROJECT.

You must do the following by Friday
(a) Complete your Individual Contribution / Insight & Reflection 
(b) Submit your posters into the Google Classroom assignment module
(c) Update your Blog after your teachers have given you feedback 

Don't forget to submit your LogBook to Mr Teng by the end of this week(correct me if I'm wrong)

-Try to do the I&E Presentation Slides (Me and Justin might try to write in to Ms Choo to ask for an extension due to the upcoming Level Tests, so hang in there)

That's all I think, comment down below if I missed anything. Thanks.

We're halfway through Level Tests guys, the last 2 papers might be more challenging, but keep working hard guys :)