Thursday, February 25, 2016

Homework 25 Feb

Hey guys here's the homework

-Do your FA Narrative Essay BY TODAY
-Use Goobric to grade another person's FA Narrative Essay by next Monday, 5pm
[Note: You WILL need Google Chrome for this, so gg for us Safari users]

-Finish up your AA slides for the 3 RESEARCH STATEMENTS(The Problems Addressed) by WEEK 9 (or suffer the consequence of a poor grade)

-If your groups owe Mr Teng anything for ISS that was long overdue, please get them done BY TOMORROW
 (this is addressed to the groups who have been late in submitting certain items for the ISS Project; basically a reminder of what Mr Peh has said this morning)

-For the COACHES, do your required work and planning for tomorrow's game

Alright I think that's all, the post may be long but trust me, not all of it is actually homework that you need to physically do. If I missed anything, please comment down below. Thanks.

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