Thursday, January 21, 2016

Homework 21 Jan

Here's the homework for today

-TKAM WebQuest (Due next Tuesday)
-Journal Work
(Both are on Google Classroom)
-Read "The Scarlet Ibis" until Paragraph 22, and answer questions 1-6 on question sheet

-Graph Question 2
-Assignment 1.3  Q11
-Assignment 2.3 Q2a,b,d
-Assignment 2.4 Q1b, Q2a, Q3a,Q4
(The Assignments are all due next Monday by 10.45am)

-Buy Yellow File (Currently out of stock, but should be available either Friday or next week)
-GIS Fieldwork (Due by next lesson)

-Graph on a movie you have watched before

Comment any homework I have missed

-Choon Wee

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