Friday, January 15, 2016

Homework 15 Jan

Hey guys so it was said that anyone could help out so here I am

- Chinese worksheet (the one with all the Kahoot questions)
- Answer the I & E question on what your product will be in Google Classroom
- Video Critique Practice if you haven't done so, but DON'T SUBMIT YET
- Geography Notes Page 13
- English Journaling Task A OR B (DUE BY TONIGHT, 12AM)
EDIT: 活动本 Page 1-4 (Thanks Marcus and Shao Cong)

Well most of the work here is carried on from yesterday in case you haven't done it. There's not really much so yay.
Also, good job guys who stayed back to help out at CCA Fair, may your CCA be blessed with many newcomers.

Feel free to comment any homework I may have missed.

- Choon Wee

P.S. I don't mind taking over this job :D


  1. Also 华文活动本,第1-4页,我想

  2. Thanks for taking effort to post when you noticed nobody had posted.


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