Thursday, January 7, 2016

Homework 7 Jan

HI guyz counting down to the new exco

-maths notes page 7 question b,c,d,f
-English context clues paper
-Chinese homework Shao Cong post
-maths the piece of paper that was given during ADMT lesson you know which one(due on monday)
-read how to kill a mocking bird  chapter 1-6 by tuesday
-revise geo
-there is S&W tmr
-read shao cong homework post
-trying to make the list look long
-dun judge
-poor english
-so many grammerly mistakes
-say ayyyyyy lmao

anymore homework post in comments below
Those that are not mentioned due when are due the next day

-Zinedict finally back


  1. In case shao cong doesnt post chinese homework, here it is

    chinese poster

    1. Nothing is stopping you from posting the chinese homework what. Anyways, i posted in the comments so its okay for you to post the chinese work on the blog(you get the point)

  2. Maths page 8 also need to do. Page 8 question 1 and 2 at the bottom

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